July 2018  
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Commission on Women’s Ministries. (CWM)

The diocesan umbrella for women’s groups and organizations in the Northern California Diocese: Church Periodical Club (CPC), Daughters of the King (DOK), Episcopal Church Women (ECW), Light Your Lamp fund, Sisters of the Transfiguration, United Thank Offering (UTO) and all other miscellaneous women’s groups.

Our Report for 2012

Our plans for 2012 following our Diocese Mission Statement to “Make Disciples, Raise up Saints, and Transform Communities for Christ in Northern California”

The CWM offers to congregations, women’s and men’s groups, clubs and committees the Personal Narrative Process (PNP) with trained facilitators to help Christians tell their individual and group stories so that they may better articulate their work and vision as they invite others to join them. Donations from training and training trainers go into the CWM grants funds.
CWM plans to have an annual Women’s Ministries Appeal Sunday in all our parishes every Labor Day Sunday. We are planning CWM Gatherings in both spring and fall that will be fundraising events highlighting women who have received grants, and we will offer training in the PNP for groups and individuals. Mark your calendars now for April 14 and September 22, 2012.
CWM is expecting to become a source of funding for grants specific to lay women in ministry and will this year begin to develop and implement the processes needed for grant applications, selection, and accountability.
Our Guidelines for Grants for Lay Women in Ministry
    The CWM Board of Directors seeks to grant funds to new and expanded ministries that reflect the         following:
• Ministries that serve women in economic, social or spiritual need
• Ministries that serve women within a parish or community in the NorCal Episcopal Diocese
• Ministries that encourage leadership development of women
• Ministries that encourage women to articulate and act upon the voice of Christ within
• Ministries that can be shared with and adapted by women in other congregations to serve similar parish or community needs of women
• Ministries that have potential to continue after the CWM Fund Grant has expired, using the skills of volunteers and new sources of funding

CWM is currently working with our Diocesan Commission on Ministries (COM) in their efforts toward creating a new licensing process for Evangelism Facilitators. We have provided PNP training for the storytellers in a video for Evangelism to be used on the Diocesan website and at the upcoming Bishop’s conference. In May, the DOK is planning to use our PNP training as they look at Evangelism for their Spring Assembly. We have also been asked to participate with the Trinity Cathedral Catechumens program in the spring.

Please note that donations given for any specialized work and facilitation of PNP for each event, including materials, processes, and training, are added to our grants fund. Currently, video production costs, when donated, can be billed to an organization and passed through to the CWM fund for ministry grants.

# # #

We look forward to the restructuring of our NorCal Diocese and believe that the addition of deaneries with specific Women’s Ministries representatives, appointed or suggested by the deans, to serve on our board would help us connect and better communicate with all of the many faithful women serving in our Episcopal churches throughout our expansive diocese. We are grateful to each of our current and past board members who brings her own special gifts and service, and we hope for additional women to help in this vital ministry.

We ask for your prayers, your voice, and your words to share the good news of our Women’s Ministries work, which is focused on training others to tell their stories of Christ, and, as they work, to Listen for the Voice Within.

Respectfully submitted,

Gaye Anne McWade
The Rev. Anne McKeever


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